A Thread’s View

I am but a mere thread in the plethora of threads perhaps, and yet to me this all is real and I am special. From one soul to another, we might be different, right now, yes, but we are all set out to quench the same thirst, the curiosity of the Mother Nature. My views perhaps meagre. Theories, you might call them. However, one must have them shared, never knows when may he leave his vessel.

Inventor’s Station – Electronics

When the heart aches on sight of what has already been discovered, a thread tries to understand better it’s applications. Welcome to this humble abode of this eccentric innovator.

Attack On Algorithms – On Computers

In the world of computers, there is always something new to learn, something new to do and something new to share. Jump in with me to experience your theory book algorithms coming to life with actual code! Perhaps some tools, perhaps languages, this place just never get old.

Cryptic but Beautiful – Poetry

It has been used as art, to express feelings and tales. Poetry, I will now use to express ideas as-well (apart from some occasion conventional use). Ideas, that I hope everyone, and not just me, enjoys!

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