Why die?
Without seeing the world outside.
I hear the rings of iron,
all around me. Which say-
“You are trapped here forever”

I know it lies to me,
this cloud of cream,
in a saucer,
smaller than me.
It says to live on the cream,
is better than,
to fly in the eternal bowl,
of dreams.

Then I look in the lake,
to find my heaven barred.
And again I try,
jump in the lake,
to enter the sky,
Which is fake,
And thus, end up spilling,
the water in the bowl.

Sometimes I think,
Why did I ever exist?
Just to cry?
As a mere spectacle?
What is it that interests people,
in someone for whom,
love, freedom, happiness,
did never exist,
but whose heart still has the faith,
to not die,
before it sees the world outside.

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