Path to Freedom

The only existing path,
the most obvious,
and the most simple,
is the one to Freedom.
Rest are just thoughts,
which shackle us to the abyss.

A good step on this path,
and you’re already on the destination.

How obvious it is,
to find Love,
on this true path,
because it is what,
the path’s made of.

Fear – none like,
yet fearful, to leave it,
we all are.
In shackles we spend
all our lives, as,
in shackles we see others.

It is bad, that we don’t
question ourselves,
for the truth that
should be uncovered,
But the worse, yet,
is my ugly middle position.

By attackonalgorithms

Techie, Poet, Gamer, Philosopher, Artist!

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