The Universal Language

There is one thing,
Which makes the silence interesting-
It is the music in the silence.
Have you ever heard it in the ambiance?
Listen to it…
It doesn’t take much from you,
It gives immense pleasure,
It make me flit,
It is something I am always listening to.

It is the ring,
of the water droplets,
against the leaves,
in the rain;
It is the ping,
of the trumpets,
in the sways of trees,
that makes me forget my pain.

There must be one
Universal Language,
Which makes me understand,
The regret of lovers in a fight;
The love of a mother,
For her child;
The grief of a nightingale,
which cannot sing at night;
The happiness in the dark,
When there is light.

It is the language
that every one knows.
It is the music,
When I am quiet.

By attackonalgorithms

Techie, Poet, Gamer, Philosopher, Artist!

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