Some say, I’m a necessity,
Born out of need,
to protect you,
and your loved ones.
A sudden high, a rush,
in you I cause,
and you win what you want,
by force of course.

After I settle down in you,
My work being done,
I am followed by my brothers,
Ego and Regret,
Both preachers of sorts.
Ego pushes me to carry on,
My work he admires lots.
Regret asks me to settle down,
to introspect and reflect upon.
Either way, because of me,
lasting impressions you form.
Some for good,
Some for worse.

Some say, I’m the evil,
and cause all the pain,
and prowl out of nowhere,
When you are at your worst.
I eat you from the within,
I won’t let you sleep.
I am someone,
you are better without.
Another brother of mine, Love,
They say the best boy he is,
And my opposite him they call.
But I rather say,
‘without me,
would you truly know him?’

By attackonalgorithms

Techie, Poet, Gamer, Philosopher, Artist!

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