The Unbroken Goddess

Such indescribable beauty
So pure, like clearly viewing,
The bottom of an infinite lake.
You’re untouched by
That which makes us human
Our greed, jealousy, hatred,
Are you a god?
Why give you,
such a twisted existence,
Why have you been fated,
Such indescribable anguish,
Why does he want to know,
That how many pats on
The endless ocean,
Can cause a tsunami.
Why do i have to come across you,
Why should I be the one,
to add to the endless pain.
On my journey to find answers,
You have only added more questions.


Some say, I’m a necessity,
Born out of need,
to protect you,
and your loved ones.
A sudden high, a rush,
in you I cause,
and you win what you want,
by force of course.

After I settle down in you,
My work being done,
I am followed by my brothers,
Ego and Regret,
Both preachers of sorts.
Ego pushes me to carry on,
My work he admires lots.
Regret asks me to settle down,
to introspect and reflect upon.
Either way, because of me,
lasting impressions you form.
Some for good,
Some for worse.

Some say, I’m the evil,
and cause all the pain,
and prowl out of nowhere,
When you are at your worst.
I eat you from the within,
I won’t let you sleep.
I am someone,
you are better without.
Another brother of mine, Love,
They say the best boy he is,
And my opposite him they call.
But I rather say,
‘without me,
would you truly know him?’

Two Sides

You hear me joke and I make you laugh,
You talk about how funny I was.
Everyone, I kept together,
A true social beast I was.
Naught a person I had a quarrel with,
Naught I did anyone any harm.
I was always different wasn’t I?
But perhaps, you didn’t know me at all!
I am but no one is all I know,
Naught even dust in this eternity.
I’ve accepted it, that’s all.
My aim is to look for questions,
’Cause answers just fool me.
All I carry with myself,
A mind of calm, a heart of fire.

Path to Freedom

The only existing path,
the most obvious,
and the most simple,
is the one to Freedom.
Rest are just thoughts,
which shackle us to the abyss.

A good step on this path,
and you’re already on the destination.

How obvious it is,
to find Love,
on this true path,
because it is what,
the path’s made of.

Fear – none like,
yet fearful, to leave it,
we all are.
In shackles we spend
all our lives, as,
in shackles we see others.

It is bad, that we don’t
question ourselves,
for the truth that
should be uncovered,
But the worse, yet,
is my ugly middle position.


My Grandpa gave me a cookie jar,
I was never told to keep my hands afar,
One by one all of them were gone,
Stayed behind alone,
a Cookie with a broken heart!
For I made her part,
from all her fellows,
made from sugary chocolate of browns and yellows.

I recognized the emotion wasn’t that of pity,
Even though my mind wasn’t that witty.

Love, I think I had developed for her,
the thought was silly, made me stir.
Love, I think she developed for me,
she had the time, she was free.

I would talk to her for hours altogether,
I wasn’t harsh and she was like a feather.

Alas, our story couldn’t continue,
and things to share were never few.
This time, I as well was gone,
but this time it was I to stay alone.

The memory isn’t enough, the inspiration is,
To give me peace, and keep me in bliss.
I loved my Cookie that’s all I know,
could she have loved me, even though? 


He is a playful child,
never satisfied,
with what he made,
breaks the buildings,
and sets the blocks again.

Once again the story starts,
One by one he places every block,
carefully designing everything,
for the ultimate comfort,
placing his characters,
as he feels like,
he makes tales,
for each character.

One by one,
all blocks get used up.
The he starts shifting
the blocks, from one place to another,
till he really gets bored,
with the plane situation,
and he sets his blocks apart,
unwillingly of-course,
as he had no choice.

He starts setting the blocks again,
Once again the story starts,
In hopes of something better.


Why die?
Without seeing the world outside.
I hear the rings of iron,
all around me. Which say-
“You are trapped here forever”

I know it lies to me,
this cloud of cream,
in a saucer,
smaller than me.
It says to live on the cream,
is better than,
to fly in the eternal bowl,
of dreams.

Then I look in the lake,
to find my heaven barred.
And again I try,
jump in the lake,
to enter the sky,
Which is fake,
And thus, end up spilling,
the water in the bowl.

Sometimes I think,
Why did I ever exist?
Just to cry?
As a mere spectacle?
What is it that interests people,
in someone for whom,
love, freedom, happiness,
did never exist,
but whose heart still has the faith,
to not die,
before it sees the world outside.

The Universal Language

There is one thing,
Which makes the silence interesting-
It is the music in the silence.
Have you ever heard it in the ambiance?
Listen to it…
It doesn’t take much from you,
It gives immense pleasure,
It make me flit,
It is something I am always listening to.

It is the ring,
of the water droplets,
against the leaves,
in the rain;
It is the ping,
of the trumpets,
in the sways of trees,
that makes me forget my pain.

There must be one
Universal Language,
Which makes me understand,
The regret of lovers in a fight;
The love of a mother,
For her child;
The grief of a nightingale,
which cannot sing at night;
The happiness in the dark,
When there is light.

It is the language
that every one knows.
It is the music,
When I am quiet.